IronPython Implementation (#95)

Talk at PyCon 2009 (English - US)

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IronPython is an implementation of Python run ning on .NET. This talk will provide an overview of the IronPython internal s. The talk will start with a high-level walk through of the IronPython arc hitecture and source layout. From there we’ll drill into details such as me thod dispatch, how the .NET and Python type systems interrelate, multi-ru ntime support, and how IronPython uses the DLR. Finally we’ll bring it all together and show you how you can do Python aware interop between .NET and IronPython. Whether you’re just curious about language implementations, p lanning on hosting IronPython in your own app, or just want to write a new built-in module for IronPython you’ll find something interesting in this t alk. Knowledge of C# would be helpful but is not required.

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