Do you have what it takes to be a CTO?

Sylvain Carle (09.Mar.2011 at 15:45)
Talk at ConFoo 2011 (English - US)

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Do you have what it takes to become a CTO in a Startup? Can you stomach the politics? Heard about Minimum Viable Product? Is it your job to raise a new round of financing with Angels and VCs? You can ship alone, can you ship as a team?

This session is constructed as a howto for senior developers thinking about what's next for their career.

I will recap the lessons learned in the last 10 years as CTO/CEO of a few internet startups and provide advice on how to "level up" to CTO and what it entails.

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Rating: 4 of 5

09.Mar.2011 at 17:04 by Renaud J. Bélanger (48 comments)

Un petit peu trop de lecture powerpoint sinon excellent contenu.

Rating: 5 of 5

10.Mar.2011 at 14:40 by Anonymous

At the end of your presentation you named a few books & web resources. These are missing from the slides. Can you please add them? Thanks.

Speaker comment:

11.Mar.2011 at 07:06 by Sylvain Carle (2 comments)

Slides are available on my blog at

I will post additional notes (books, links) in this post as an update in the next few days.

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11.Mar.2011 at 07:24 by Martin Rancourt (4 comments)

Bonne présentation.

Très relex, j'aime. Tombe à point pour m'éclairer dans ce que je veux devenir à moyen et long terme.

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11.Mar.2011 at 09:21 by Vincent François (1 comments)

Merci Sylvain.

Très intéressant de constater comme les situation, les pensées, les solutions évoluent en parallèle avec ce qui nous rassemble tous, au-delà des technologies, des formats, des modes, des buzz : l'âge. ;-)

Petit détail : tu as fait référence à différentes sources dont tu ne faisais pas mention dans tes pages.

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11.Mar.2011 at 14:29 by Denis Boudreau (1 comments)

Très intéressant, oui. Ça arrivait juste à point pur alimenter nos propres questions de gestion à l'interne.

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11.Mar.2011 at 19:43 by Nancy Deschênes (10 comments)

Personal, professional. Plenty of food for thought. I like the idea of "hacking the business".

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14.Mar.2011 at 08:35 by Julien Letrouit (12 comments)

Excellente présentation dynamique et remplie d'humour. Que dire sinon que la présentation fait parfaitement passer l'idée?

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