Care and Feeding of a MySQL database

Dave Stokes (02.Mar.2012 at 08:30)
Talk at ConFoo 2012 (English - UK)

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MySQL is the heart of many LAMP based sites but do you know how to take care of your instances? Do you know why ext2/3 is not a good file system to use or what files to monitor for operation health? When is a query in the slow query log a good thing? When should you index columns and when you should not? This session covers common mistakes to avoid and how to build MySQL servers that will not cause your environment to balk.

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Rating: 3 of 5

02.Mar.2012 at 09:30 by Enzo Rizzo (27 comments)

Good talk. Good session. Good presenter.
Lot of useful tips how to tune the MySQL DBs

Rating: 4 of 5

02.Mar.2012 at 10:15 by Claude Cardinal (8 comments)

Good presentation. A lot of useful information.

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