Hierarchical MVC (HMVC) - What, Why, and How

Vance Lucas (02.Mar.2012 at 14:45)
Talk at ConFoo 2012 (English - UK)

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Discover the power and flexibility of Hierarchical MVC (HMVC) and how you can use it in your next project. Learn what HMVC is, why it is an important and helpful architectural concept, and how to use it most effectively in real-world situations to save time and encourage code re-use within your website or application. If you have ever built separate "widget" or "block" systems to re-use certain parts of your layout or code modules when using traditional MVC frameworks, this talk is for you.

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Rating: 5 of 5

03.Mar.2012 at 18:18 by Mathieu Dumoulin (14 comments)

Good explanation, great slides and examples.

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