Quality Assurance in PHP Projects

Sebastian Bergmann (02.Oct.2009)
Talk at CodeWorks 2009 (Washington) (English - US)

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When things go wrong in software projects, the team has to work overtime and cancel vacations. More often than not, deadlines andquality goals are missed nevertheless. Because software usually lives longer than originally planned, the real problems crop up whenchanges and extensions become necessary later on.In this workshop, Sebastian Bergmann, creator of PHPUnit, imparts comprehensiveknowledge and experience about testing and quality assurance in PHP projects.The audience will learn about using PHPUnit forunit testing the business logic components and Selenium for end-to-end testing of modern web applications.But testing is only oneaspect of controlling the quality of a software project. This is why the measuring of software quality by means of software metricsas well as establishing successful development processes and methods such as continuous integration are also discussed in this workshop.

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