Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project


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Now I appreciate even more every effort made by os projets maintainers! Tnx Jordi

Alessandro Lai at 18:26 on 16 May 2015

Great mix of sharing and humour

Very nice keynote! Simple, fun and to the point. I loved that you put a lot of personal experience and feelings into the talk, while encouraging others to reflect more about how they behave in the OSS ecosystem.

Anonymous at 20:03 on 16 May 2015

I always have so much respect to people who commit themselves and have such visibility. So ashamed am commenting anonymously, and I should be doing it with my real name...

Great great keynote! I laughted quite hard and I empathized a lot... Thank you for keeping up the awesome work and for being such an amazing guy :)

You know when they talk about a great movie, and they say, it makes you laugh, it makes you sad, it makes you think, and it makes you a better person? Same applies to this talk.
So not only thank to the speaker for his excellent open source contributions, but also for sharing this all with us.

It will definitely help strengthen my empathy towards the open source world. Thank you.

And now I really want collaborate and make pull requests, dammit!
One of the best speeches of the convention, in my opinion.

Really great closing talk Jordi! It makes you appreciate more the hard work of the community and the projects' creators in maintaining projects! and of course thanks for monolog and composer!

I have a rule.. if you mention me in a keynote, you get 5 stars... ;-)

One just has to thank Jordi for all the effort he puts on giving back so much to the community. Perfect closing keynote.

Nice and funny keynote.

Very funny and interesting talk. Fits well as closing keynote.

Perfect talk for closing keynote.

Great closing keynote, must be watched by every open source user

Really good keynote, giving us insides in to pros/cons of being maintainer on an open source project.

Will try to appreciate more what OSS ppl do from now on and try to be as positive and helpful as possible.

One small notice: Jordi, bit more passion would make it great keynote!

It was inspiring, get you to love more open source project (both yours and the ones you use), also it was funny :)