Concurrent test frameworks


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Alessandro Lai at 17:23 on 15 May 2015

Interesting but a little short. Nice talk, nice, understandable and simple examples

Anonymous at 17:53 on 15 May 2015

IMO the content of the talk was too basic.

I needed it! Congrats

Nice and clear talk!

Anonymous at 23:09 on 15 May 2015

I did not enjoy it, in part because the volume was so loud. Do change the title, also. Why "concurrent"? This was just another introduction to BDD...

Anonymous at 09:07 on 16 May 2015

Wrong title. It wasn't what I aspected.
If the title was "A mix introduction of BDD and TDD" talk was perfect.

Liked part of the talk, but I was mislead into following it by the title, whereas the talk presented techniques that I already knew (partly my fault: should have read the abstract with more care)


- examples
- presentation clarity, concepts were easy to follow

To be improved:

- talk title
- slide examples (use the same domain for all examples!)
- requires more practicing
- too basic

Anonymous at 09:12 on 16 May 2015

A little confused by the title, still a good talk

I think a better name for this talk would be "How to use multiple testing framworks in your project". Also didn't like the tonality of the speaker as it was monotone a bit. Apart from that there were still some useful facts.

Anonymous at 11:03 on 18 May 2015

I was also confused with the title. Speaker should take care more about tonality

Thanks for the feedback guys.
The talk's title wanted to highlight that, while your acceptance test is still failing, you write different specification tests and do a parallel TDD cycle with them. So "concurrency" here is because you are writing tests in "parallel" and because you are using multiple test frameworks at the same time in order to test the same layer of the application.
Nevertheless, if it was so misleading, I'll change it next time ;)

I am not sure what was a "story" and conclusion after listening this talk.

This is the kind of talk I will forget day after. Speaker need to send a message to the audience.

Speaker is young and I think this is one of his first public talk in the front of big crowd. He need to practice more, so I encourage him to continue with speaking because I see he have a potential.

Well I'm not going to tell you anything new :-)
The title is misleading, even after reading the explanation i'm not totally convinced about using the term "concurrent".
The presentation itself is a nice introduction about BDD, a bit basic for non newcomers. Practice a bit more and things will get better :-)

Anonymous at 00:30 on 19 May 2015

different useful tips, thank you

A very good talk for the newcomers, easy to follow