Containerize your PHP


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great overview about containers and source-to-image
nice to hear about forthcoming openshift v3 features

Alessandro Lai at 17:02 on 15 May 2015


First half of the talk was excellent, then it became a bit more difficult to follow. Probably because the first part is interesting for people who barely know what a container is (like me), while the second part is for people who already have some experience. I'd suggest to cut something and to slow it down a bit.

Really interesting subject but the second part was really hard to follow (I think because I know pretty much nothing on containers).

Maybe too much stuff fitted in a too short time. The technology looked interesting, but it became quite hard to follow and to understand when he started talking about the PaaS. Given that it was arguably the most important part of the talk, I would work on making it more clear (What's running in the cloud? What locally? Where are the dockerized apps saved? How do I deploy privately and/or in a cloud provider? Etc.)

I am not much interested in DevOps but this talk was nice as it covered many interesting aspects. I also liked the live demo parts.

Very interesting talk!

Nice talk and overview about containers and docker possibilities and limitations.

Too much arguments for a too short time. Hard to follow the final part. +1 for live demo parts.

A lot of topics for the time available. I enjoyed the first part of the talk while I found the second one a bit hard to follow. +1 for the demo