Driving Quality with PhpSpec


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Anonymous at 20:18 on 16 May 2015

Great presentation, very clear walkthrough of phpspec and its use in the testing ecosystem. Will be trying it out this week.

Really well planned, well delivered talk. The only thing I might change is to add some Hebrew quotes to fill out the time... ;-)

Seriously, though, hope to see you around more in the future... good stuff.

Good introduction to TDD and BDD key concepts. And, yes, the PhpSpec demo did have some serious "wow!" moments

Perfect introduction to the hows and whys of spec-driven development and phpspec itself. I got out of the room even more determined to use it.

The screencasted "live-like" coding was just the right way to do it.

Awesome talk, and finally a presentation with the demo inside it, and not the live one :D That's the way to do it :)

One little thing though - I would like to hear something about introducing PHPSpec to existing and complicated project.