Inside Laravel 5.0


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Anonymous at 23:07 on 15 May 2015

You managed to convey value to someone like me, who has never coded with Laravel before. Looking forward to try it.

Thank you for the presentation! Knowing little about Laravel, it was still very clear to me what benefits Laravel 5 brings.

Unfortunately, the slides tended to have texts overlapping each other and very tiny code, which was hard to read. Also, for me personally the talk was at times too technical sometimes too slow. For example, the before/after middlewares were IMO pretty much self-explaining and didn't need as much elaboration.

Apart from that, well done!

Yitz squeezed it all in a tight 45 minutes crunch-talk. Still, crystal clear even if I'm not (yet) a Laravel user.

ProTip: Test the slides on the machine your going to present with immediately before the talk, even if you've used them on that machine previously... Somehow between the previous presentation of this talk and this one, the proper front disappeared from the MS Surface that I used to present with, hence the issues with the font overlapping and such (plus... UGLY!). The slides I'll post here in a few hours should be much easier to read.