Meet a parallel, asynchronous PHP world


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really nice overview between pros and cons of available options

Steve pitching great stuff as always! I'll try to hit an home run after this talk! Love the pro/cons!

Anonymous at 16:54 on 16 May 2015

As usual Steve is an assuredness. Excellent metaphor choice.
Thanks for your effort.

Really interesting and unconventional solutions are presented.
IMHO the speaker went a bit too fast, I know there's a lot to say but possibly that means there's too much to say :-)
Also, there is definitely too much code on some of the slides; the most relevant lines can be highlighted and the rest greyed out.

Nice representations of php parallelization techniques. But personally I like mor contextual presentations then code based.

well, that was a thoroughly inspected matter!

Extremely interesting, and I appreciated the code examples and the performance comparisons.

Steve confirms to be an excellent speaker, and this talk is "tanta roba", that in Rome means "so much and interesting stuff", well presented, very professional.

Quick and complete overview and comparison of known available methods to exucute PHP processes in parallel for scaling and maximize cpu utilization. Thx

Anonymous at 22:13 on 18 May 2015

very interesting arguments

Really interesting and not so common topic. One minor issue: bad readability of some slides with shell commands/output

Interesting point of view

Thanks everyone for the much appreciated feedback! Your compliments are a big boost of encouragement, your criticism a chance to improve. There is some constructive feedback about which I'd REALLY love to know a bit more (through twitter/email, if possible).

@dParadiz I get what you mean, not being a fan of code based presentations myself. Metaphor and simple use case tried to define a context and create a "story". Seems like goal wasn't achieved. What did I miss, in your opinion?

@magobaol, @bit_shark, @ldmdev, @aleinside What do you think I could improve in order to get the whole of thumbs up? What could be improved in your opinion?

@f_abeni, @_orso_ I'm not a fan/used to display code within my presentations, so your hints are definitely going to help me for the future. Thanks a lot!

Story with "mom serving food" was good example of different parallelization techniques. But instead of showing code, just point to the tools and describe advantages usages. In my opinion code kind a interrupted story line. Working code examples could be added as additional content along the slides.