PHP Data Structures (and the impact of PHP 7 on them)


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Alessandro Lai at 12:41 on 16 May 2015

Poor choice of colors for code hilighting but, apart from that, a great and informative talk

Anonymous at 12:57 on 16 May 2015

Interesting speech. Next time please don't use dark background for slides because they were unreadable from the back rows :)

@Allessandro, @anonymous:

You're entirely right, while it passed very well at other conferences it didn't go well here, I just uploaded my slides in order for you to quickly see them before the event's finished:

Don't hesitate to reach me in case of question.

Anonymous at 13:46 on 16 May 2015

Looks like I have an "in_array()" in my autoloader as you said!!! I learned a lot, thank you!

That was a splendid insight on PHP internals, I really liked it; the only problem was with the code slides: black background + dark colors = impossible to read.

Anonymous at 19:49 on 16 May 2015

Sitting in the front or second row sometimes pays out.

really cool&useful explanation of data structures!

Good informative talk and accessible explanation of under-the-hood php machinery. Next time please go with a light background for your slides!

Great talk, a lot of comparisons and under-the-hood insight.

Great overview of less known features (all the SPL classes) and performance hints of some well known functions. But there could have been a higher contrast on the slides.

This was an extremely useful talk to me, as the speaker explained how arrays are not suited for all the cases where they are used and that there are better alternatives especially in the SPL library. An awesome talk.

Awesome talk! I've learned many new things. It would be good if there is more talks like this one.

I liked this talk, really interesting!

One of the beast talks. I hear a lot of new stuff here. This guy know what he was talking about. I was impressed.

Code color should be a better.

I will watch his slides again, and learn more about SPL classes. Thanks Patrick.

Interesting talk giving some bases that everyone should know! i wrong or it is 1st time someone talk about something related to SPL at phpday? thx!

The argument was interesting but the speaker accent and the color choice for code slide waeren't helpful