PHP object mocking framework world: let's compare Prophecy and PHPUnit


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Alessandro Lai at 15:08 on 15 May 2015

Good comparison between mock approaches. A little too much code, but maybe that couldn't be reduced more.

unfortunately code got squeezed to obey timetable, but nice comparison talk

A bit too fast.
Topic was complex, and maybe taking some more time in some key point would have been better. If I didn't already know the topic, likely I'll fail understanding.
Anyway, better than last time I see you (in Madrid, Nov. 2015). Good job.

The speech was a bit too fast and because of that it was quite difficult to follow; I also found the two "actors" of the comparison pretty much similar, without anything really peculiar to differentiate them.

Really good stuff well explained.

A great talk! I really liked the example as it was a real use-case. Good job!

This talk was great. Using real world example is good but maybe try to use one with less dependencies to be easier to explain mocking.

Very nice and rounded talk. I learned a lot about Prophecy from Sarah. I liked the comparison, and I liked she was using real world example, not some "foo - bar" nonsense.

I liked she was showing the code. Maybe organizers could give bigger time-slot for this talk.

A bit too fast and too much code but good explanation.

Good explanation. The topic wasn't new to me so I found the pace ok

Nice comparison but a bit too fast and difficult to follow