Pushing Boundaries: Zend Framework 3 and the Future


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I really liked the talk announcing some of the changes with zf3 (usually devs hear what happened and not what is coming).

My only suggestion would be to do some sf2 feature comparisons when speaking about whats coming. (To be completely honest, I had a feeling that mentioning sf2 was forbidden and I really hope I'm wrong)

Only contained comparisons with Laravel, there should at least also have been Symfony

I too felt the missing comparison with Symfony 2; nevertheless it was a good speech.

It felt like that not many boundaries will be pushed with zf3. Just some code reorganisation and adoptions for php7.

I was hoping for some more comparisons with SF2 and Laravel and some more examples how ZF3 components will be used outside of ZF3.

My presentation did not have any compare with other frameworks because the goal was to announce the new features of Zend Framework 3. I only mentioned Laravel, talking about PHP 7 to show the performance benefits that all the frameworks/softwares in PHP will have thanks to the speed of PHP 7. The benchmark about PHP 7 is available here: http://info.zend.com/f004j0A0X0004X0LLrCH30a

Good overview of the next zend framework version, though a bit incomplete since some topics are still in discussion (not speaker fault :-))