Sylius - E-Commerce framework for PHP


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I have a feeling that there was a lot of content trying to be put in 1hour, sometimes putting too much effort on some details while missing a bigger picture (speaking about a detail instead of scenario that would explain it much better and cover few cases at once.Some slides were not easy to understand (those blocks in the middle saying content payment resource etc..).

The project itself is very promising, but the talk can be improved.
If every talk should be telling a story, this one has a weak "plot".
I am sure it will get better after a few repetitions, so please keep doing it, because a good talk will also benefit the project.

The framework is really interesting, but I think the presentation was targeting marketing people. As a developer I would have preferred much (much, much) more code and fewer "list of things".

Anonymous at 23:05 on 15 May 2015

Scratch all the introduction, and go straight to the core of the problem. You will have more time to present the interesting stuff, and you won't repeat the obvious (or worse expose yourself to needless flames).
By the way, I look forward to see this stuff and try it out. It is a great project. Do not miss your beta deadlines!

Short down the introduction (the story of the project) and add more technical info (may present any particular solution). I'll dig Sylius BTW because it looks very well done.