Vagrant and Ansible


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From a dummy perspective, really interesting workshop. Micheal did a nice job with workshop, thanks

Deep knowledge, excellent explanation, really useful workshop!

Anonymous at 18:20 on 15 May 2015


Awesome conference, very well explained and very useful

A lot of very useful information. He would have deserved at least 3 hours, as it was difficult to listen and take notes or just copy the code he was typing because of the speed.

Anonymous at 09:04 on 16 May 2015

Useful, clear, simple. A lot of hints.
A note: next time will be great if attendes can download starting box (for example from a dropbox link) so we can follow speaker operation and demo.
A question: where can I look for pdf file (27 pages) showed in the end of talk?

Thanks to everyone that's left a comment so far :)

Alessandro: Thanks for the kind words. The tutorial is actually designed to be taught over 3-4 hours, so we did very well to cover it in two. Everything I covered can be found at the following link as a PDF:

Vittore: This tutorial is actually designed as a group exercise. Sadly, as we only had two hours it was not possible for everyone to code along. If at all possible, that is my ideal way to run the tutorial. The PDF file can be found at