I love to get better as a developer and when I get rewarded for that even better! In this session we'll have a look at ten tools that make our lives as developers easier and along the way allow us to become better as a developer. Services like Github or Bitbucket allow us to communicate with one another about code while Scrutinizer, Code-Climate or Insight can give us valuable informations on how to improve our coding skills and easily bring our code to a better level. Suddenly tedious tasks like writing unittests, reducing cyclomatic complexity and adding documentation can become entertaining and rewarding. All this because we all strive to get high marks, 100% or a green button. So let's see what the benefits of the different tools are and how we can integrate them into our build-chain.


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Andreas is a good speaker, he keeps the talk fresh and accessible for everyone. Enjoyed his insights on the subject and would recommend anyone to attend thid talk when possible. Thank you Andreas!

Arnout Boks at 09:06 on 19 Apr 2017

Nice, accessible, and humorous talk, with an especially useful overview of static analysis, CI- and code coverage related tooling. You did seem a bit lost in the section about Humbug though, so it might be good to tweak that a bit. I also recalled you mentioning that Humbug mutates tests; if I understand correctly it should actually mutate the system-under-test. Overall, I think this talk was a good way to promote the usage of CI and static analysis, and I'm pretty sure that everyone in the audience will have learned something new from it.