Understanding Internationalization & Localization


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I found this talk very valuable since these problems tend to always turn up _after_ you did everything wrong.
There is a lot of knowledge here, and the speaker obviously knows the subject through and through.

I think that the talk covers so much that some of the information is too condensed. On the other hand some parts where just getting good, but due to lack of time could not be covered in full.
Perhaps splitting this talk into an easier version and an advanced version could provide the room to do both. I'm sure Camilo could rock both versions equally well.

All in all I would certainly say this is a valuable talk for a huge group of developers, including me.

Jeffrey at 20:02 on 18 Apr 2016

This talk came at the right moment! Right now we are busy converting a project into several languages, and the platform is rolled out in several countries. I learned a lot of 'small things' where I previously not thought about. Great presentation with concrete examples. Maybe for a second presentation; the experience of an international platform that takes.