Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer


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Anonymous at 11:25 on 12 Feb 2016

I always like it when people share their experiences. For me it was both a confirmation that I was doing stuff right and also that there are things I can improve.

Pascal knows how to involve the crowd I really like this.

A little suggestion would be to add a little more things you are proud of, because I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes you didn't.

I really enjoyed your talk, thanks for sharing it with us!

Nice talk. Some recognizable things. But also his personal experience and his personal development.

It was special to hear from another developer in which situation you will be taken. In no time, there is no time for personal development. I use for almost everything the agenda except "writing code". This tip stayed with me. So, next day I blocked instantly some time in the agenda for my own "code writing" moments. Furthermore, I find me well in the story. Personally I find it very interesting to hear the challenges/problems of others.