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Frank Kleine at 12:49 on 27 Jan 2017

The talk described a plugin for PHPStorm and what it can do for you to improve the quality of your source code, especially by avoiding pitfalls with certain PHP functions which can be insecure when not used correctly. Unfortunately all the advantages were presented with bullet points on slides only- I think the talk would be even more convincing if it includes a demo that shows how the plugin works and supports the developer.

Claudio at 21:41 on 28 Jan 2017

Php Inspections is a helpful plugin for PHPStorm and it can help to find security-, performance- or other problems by code marker. There were functions listed that not every developer is aware of it's disadvantages and the possible problems they can cause.
The bullet points are too much for one slide and long descriptions distracted from the speaker's words. Maybe every point should get it's own slide and a shorter description/title while the spoken words should get the focus. This way the audience can stay on the spoken topic. Also, the speaker has to talk a bit louder.