Tour Laravel With Its Creator - Taylor Otwell


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Awesome talk Taylor. A great overview of the features of Laravel. Thanks also for your contribution to PHP!

- Ken

I have no experience with Laraval and was expecting an overview, but by slide three was already lost. What would have been good to know is how, in general terms, does it function, what is the structure of a common module, how available are modules to add functionality, what sort of templates are available on the general market, etc. These are business questions that need to be answered before committing to using a platform.

The most valuable thing in the presentation was the mention of the other resources and ecosystem, I will definitely look into those.

If I were expecting a more code-level review then that the presentation was great, he's obviously the guy to do it. Only comment for improvemnemt was that some of the slides were completely unreadable.

Good overview of Laravel. I've been using Laravel for about a month to migrate an existing app done in an older framework (Kohana). I'm really impressed with it, and would like to echo your recommendation for Laracasts. Jeffrey Way is really, really good, and his videos are terrific. I think for some (e.g., the uninitiated) the talk might have gone too deeply into the details and code too quickly. It's always hard for a speaker to gauge how much vs. how much breadth to cover. For an intro talk, I might have focused a bit more on Eloquent to show how quickly you can get up and running, and to show the incredible array of built-in methods Laravel has for querying and then handling collections. Add a sprinkling of dependency injection, middleware, and caching, and you have a nice intro presentation, with plenty of time to answer questions and go into some of the other cool features, like queuing, etc. Thanks so much for agreeing to talk with us, and for your tremendous contributions to php!

I thought the delivery of the presentation was very good.

As someone who's used Laravel 4 a bit, I had two technical questions from the slides:

1) In your second middleware example, I didn't see how the route path was defined.

2) What file should the dependency binding go in?

Otherwise I agree with some of the previous comments. As someone who already knew Laravel I didn't learn too much (I was hoping to learn more about the changed structures in Laravel 5), and I can see how it would have been too much for someone who wasn't already familiar with the framework.

Great overview of Laravel! I haven't used Laravel yet but I was familiar with most of the concepts so it was pretty easy for me to follow along.

The code slides were hard to see. I think that was largely due to the format of the talk. They might have been easier to see if it were projected natively instead of through Google Hangouts.

I liked the discussion on the additional services in the Laravel community. There is a lot there to help people out, even if they are not buying into the ecosystem itself!

Nice guest choice. As someone who's a complete newcomer to Laravel, the detailed technical stuff in the beginning was bewildering. Sometimes the code was too small to read. The second half was much easier to follow along with and the slides were funny.