Control your Machines with PHP (CLI Made Easy)


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Excellent talk Alex! A great combination of presentation and tutorial. I really liked the IOT demo!

Great use of sharing code examples to help demonstrate concepts of how to make use of the CLI with PHP

Great code ideas, was well worth my time. Definitely something I am going to work with more to make my routine tasks easier.

Good talk on an interesting and very useful topic! I liked how you didn't assume any expert knowledge of the command line. I also enjoyed that the code you presented was pre-written and you explained step by step what each piece of code did. I think it might have been helpful to have all of your code - even the super easy hello world - in Bitbucket files, which worked so well for some of the later examples. The Arduino demo was very cool, too. Thanks for speaking!

Bruce Green at 09:51 on 21 Oct 2016

Thanks for the presentation Alex. As mentioned in my post to the Meetup group, I thought it would have facilitated things by posting info about the download and where to place it your file structure. I had problems staying connected to the wi-fi network and that put me out of sync with your talk. It was great to have this intro to using PHP in a hardware environment though so thanks again.