Learn about the benefits of using Swagger, Swagger Editor, and Swagger UI to develop your REST API: from client to server to documentation.

Come and learn about the Swagger Framework for REST APIs, "The World's Most Popular Framework for APIs." You will get an introduction to Swagger, the OAI/OpenAPI Specification, and associated Swagger Tools. The seamless transition from API design to documentation to implementation is simplified with Swagger. We will cover working examples to get you up and running with Swagger.


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Anonymous at 08:41 on 20 Jan 2017

Great understanding of material, level of information and handling and encouraging questions.
Nice original slides to help frame the context and references familiar to the audience. Also memorable for visual learners :)

Derek Binkley at 14:41 on 20 Jan 2017

I really enjoyed this talk. I had no idea about Swagger but now think it will be very useful for documenting and troubleshooting our APIs.