Are you scared by JavaScript? Have you used JQuery but struggle with adding interactive features to your web page? This talk will help you understand how to use JavaScript effectively in your existing web pages and PHP applications. Let's explore different ways to write and structure your JavaScript code and introduce the model-view-view model pattern as a complement to the model view controller pattern often used in PHP to create more reusable, understandable, and testable code.


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Good use of examples to highlight some differences between JavaScript and PHP and discussion of how the two languages can compliment each other.

I liked how you pointed out ways to keep code modular (e.g. keeping html out of the code) - You could highlight this idea some more in order to further strengthen your argument that one can stay in PHP on the backend while still taking advantage of the benefits of JavaScript on the front end. I also liked using JS as a quick prototyping tool - having a working prototype saved in browser storage (also a cool tip!) that you could should would be great. Good job!