Are you searching unstructured data or text fields? Do you need to aggregate and summarize your geo, financial, or other numeric data? Do you want to query your structured data in new and exciting ways? If so, Elasticsearch may be right for you. Let’s explore the many ways you can ask questions of your data and have it make sense to you and your users. We’ll sort through millions of rows in milliseconds and give you the tools to take your data analysis to the next level. You will learn how to use basic RESTful API calls to store, search, and aggregate your data.


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Excellent talk Derek! You really demystified what Elastic search is and how to use it. Your presentation and demo was clear and compelling!

The beginning of this talk could go a bit slower for a more beginner audience (explain more about how the data is stored and structured), but otherwise, this talk was a great introduction to Elasticsearch. I loved seeing the live examples of how fast these queries really are. The ability to use location data in your searches was also really interesting. The talk was easy to follow and engaging. Thank you for presenting!

Eric Landmann at 10:57 on 14 Sep 2018

From my standpoint as somebody who has only heard about ElasticSearch, this was a good review. I liked seeing the real data usages, especially the aggregation analysis and geolocation example of distance from the zoo, those really hit home. It would be good to briefly mention the infrastructure needed or people might think this is some sort of plugin they can run on WordPress, when it seems to take more setup than that to get it working. I don't think more php examples would be beneficial. You didn't do this, but please don't fall in the trap of showing the install process, nobody needs to go through that! Thanks for the talk.