A practical guided tour of the Symfony2 framework


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Great slides but the talk would be better. You were talking like a narrator. I suggest to talk directly to audience with a simple "conversation".

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to go that way another time.

As above, enjoyed and learned some stuff - but the demo would have definitely been better. Maybe just put the mic down and shout? :D The link to the Eclipse stuff really was useful, thanks!

Anonymous at 21:26 on 18 Apr 2012

After seeing 'practical' in the title I was expecting to see a demo, to see the product in practice. Either way, learned about Symfony2 and it's nearest future, that's what I hoped for.

I was expected to run a 45 minutes live demo but when I saw I couldn't have the hands free with the microphone, I had to fallback on my Symfony2 (consensual) presentation.