Choosing The Right NoSQL Database


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Nice clear explanations, but definitely needed to be tighter on the timescale. Maybe more of an explanation on why some of the technologies fail in certain cases, since in a few instances it felt like you just dismissed them. Of course... How to do that but also make a shorter talk. Well, it's my job to give the feedback not solve the problem :P

Well researched and presented. The topic though was a bit shifted - it was more on classes of NoSQL databases and where they excel, but focused on ~two main types and main implementations of that kind, and just skimmed through others. Even though, the talk gave a good understanding of differences between RDBMS and NoSQL databases, and different application of different NoSQLs.

Great reference for those, who thinks, that NoSQL === MongoDB. But Joe tried to put to many info into the slides considering timeslot. Which also can be a reason for lack of examples. And also, little info about NewSQL movement would be nice IMHO - just mention.

I planed to gave 3/5 rating, but let it be 3.75, because I was a little afraid, that talk will be Doctrine2 based, but it wasn't, which is good in that case :)