Creating mobile Javascript Apps with Sencha Touch 2


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Clearly explained, good examples, personalising it to the conference was a nice touch! I think you seemed a little nervous at the start, but that passed pretty quick. Thanks, will go try it I think.

Enjoyed the talk, even for a non frontend/mobile developer like me. Pretty well explained the concepts.

The topic was really well described. As I am starting my adventure with programming for mobile devices it showed me a great way to start. Clearly spoken.

Even if I'm not a JavaScript fan, I had a nice overview of the Sencha Touch API. A small running demo would have been a plus for a 5 stars rating ^^

Nice intro to Sencha Touch. Will definitely be having a look through what it's capable of. Maybe more of an overview of its features at a high level (web services etc), but nice clear presentation and learned from it. Thanks!

I am not javascript guy and did not know sencha touch ealrier. It was quite interesting talk for me. Some nice demo will be a plus for sure :)