Don't Fall Behind: How to Learn Now What Is Needed Tomorrow?


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Anonymous at 15:29 on 18 Apr 2012

Nice talk guys. You were looking like brothers;) Slides were good but most of the stuff is known for me. Nevertheless -- good job!

Enjoyed this, nice motivational stuff. The open source stories were the best part. Would be a five I think if the beginning was a bit tighter, less concepts and more time on the actual concrete examples.

Great inspirational talk. I hope that it will be the last thing that will motivate me to do things that I had planned but never had enough energy to do them.

Nice talk, gives food for thought. I expected more stuff about exams and certifications value. Really great thanks!

Thanks for the (great) reviews. We will take all your remarks into account for the next time we to this presentation. (see, even WE are learning from this! :))

Quite interesting talk. Good job!