Simplify your External Dependency Management


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Nice talk. Some great new ideas about packaging and dependencies.

Nice talk! There was some technical problems before speech starts, but those problems fits to topic perfectly.
I learned that PHP for Maven may be very nice tool for dependency management.

Nice talk, with some thoughts for me for later. Shame all the external dependencies (the hardware ones) stayed in the way. But recovered quickly and seamlessly!

Technical problems definitely hurt the flow of the talk, though Stephan dealt with it really well. I think a bit too much time was spent at the start looking at VCS and application set-up, it felt a bit slow to me. However, I did learn about some of the PHP packaging features and repos - definitely something to investigate more in future projects.

Despite problems at the begining, Stephan gave us pretty good presentation and fluent talk. Although, for me it was to many slides describing things like svn:externals or PEAR. I have a feeling, that all presentation led to Maven ("one tool to rule them all"), but at the end, we've got couple of slides about it and it was the end. Personally I would like to see more, maybe real examples. But I will look at Maven, so thanks for that:)