TDD and Getting Paid


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Anonymous at 23:36 on 4 Apr 2011

Very good presentation. Unfortunately not enough time to play with this fully. Anyway thanks very much

Nice TDD introduction. It's a pity we didn't have time for questions.

Live coding could be prepared a bit better. It's more valuable to see when you're actually writing those simple methods rather than uncomment them.

Process watcher is a great idea. Thanks!

It was nice talk. Presentation showed argumentation stand behind TDD. Part about clients was similar to BDD concept, that should not be strange. I think that BDD is TDD (done the right way ;) ) Live coding is always dangerous but I think that Rowan handled it. Examples was basic but that is probably good.
I like the way how it was presented too. Like jakub.zalas said it's pitty we didn't have time for questions.

One thing I can certainly say about presentation - Rowan definitely had the best slides in terms of visual - and he was the best speaker - fluent, calm talk - it wasn't his first time I think:)

About content - as guys below said, TDD part could be prepared better. And font's were to big - even for such big auditorium.
I liked approach, when clients write the tests. Unfortunately, I never had such clients - almost all the time "Client don't know what he wants" :)