SignalR. Code, not toothpaste. Using SignalR for realtime client/server communication


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Great topic, and great presentation

Great and smooth intro to the realtime web using SignalR

Anonymous at 14:04 on 26 Jan 2012

Great topic and outstanding presentation AAA+ !

Great speaker, great session

Anonymous at 08:57 on 2 Feb 2012

Anonymous at 10:47 on 2 Feb 2012

The speaker was nice and skilled, the presentation an useful and enjoyable introduction to SignlaR.
5 stars!

Very intriguing tecnhology, speaker showed great tech skills and effective communication.

It shows clearly web sockets are the way to go; everything else, even though bringing results to some extent, smells kinda "workarounding" legacy protocol limitations.

Pity about the "live" examples not working straight, there could have been a standing ovation if they worked ;)