Filesystem Abstraction with Flysystem


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An interesting introduction to filesystem abstraction in general, and a good case for using Flysystem. Funny and brought with confidence. Q&A at the end showed you really know your stuff.

Cool way of abstracting away the different (remote) FS options with a unified API.
And if you want to go super optimized you can just write an adapter for it .. pretty nice :)

Nice talk going back to basics with 'What is a filesystem in essence?'. Going into the real problem people don't recognise necessarily, about working with remote filesystems, and providing abstract thinking for it.

I loved the fact that you provided a story relating to problems you had to face in the past, which your library provided a solution for.
In the future, you could even turn that to the idea of not having to know the remote filesystem while working on most of the application. That you can postpone the decision on a filesystem, while not creating a risk on the project deadline.

As pure feedback, you have a stopgap (stopwoordje) 'Basically'. It wasn't really a problem, but just something i noticed.

Something I think you also didn't notice, was that you made a nice pun, 'On the fly'. Which i think you could incorporate more consciously in your talk ;-)

All and all, I really enjoyed it! Thank you for that :)