HTTP and Your Angry Dog


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It was a great talk! I especially liked how fluent it was. This is a subject everybody thinks they know, but in this talk, the not-so-obvious details about HTTP came up, which is a great asset for any developer.

Try not to talk too fast though. Although the words and sentences were still understandable, the amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming, so a somewhat slower pace might help in getting your message across.

Great talk!

Good dose of humor combined with witty responses to the 'aargh, not [insert your subject here] again, we've been over this'-feeling most talks give some attendees.

At the end of the talk (whist, admittedly, the smell of pizza was filling the room) the speed of the talk increased dramatically. You might want to watch out for that.

So for one of the best talks to see @AmsterdamPHP. Kudos to you!

I thought that this was a really good talk.

I found the speed of the talk refreshing and well-paced. However, I know that a number of people found it quite rapid. This is perhaps in part due to the fact that similar to the speaker, I'm also an American.

I think that 35-40 minutes is a good target length for this presentation.

Packed with useful information and very well delivered. A very entertaining talk about a "dry" subject like HTTP.

copy paste from pfc talk comment: "Nice presentation by an excellent speaker on a great subject.
Keep up the good work."

Thanks for doing the talk on amsterdamphp.

Great talk, lots of humor and a great pace to keep something dry and often overlooked interesting a fun. Although sitting at the back in the delicious pizza smell, speeding up your presentation might give a wrong impression.