"There is a lot of principles, patterns, and methodologies for software development. We learn them, go to conferences, read books, and have all the awesome ideas for improvements. However, many times, none of that reflects on our daily lives. How is this possible, and what is missing there?

This talk will try to answer that question by showing the role of the developer from the perspective of the speaker and prove that you can do more than you can think."


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Henrique did his talk for the first time ever and did a really good job telling his experience as a software developer.

Greate content, great insights, great histories, this talk can easily go to big conferences.

Although, Henrique read some sort of script or points during the whole talk, staying behind his computer. If he can fix that and make the talk more natural, like a conversation about his experiences, 10/10.

Kudos for telling us your experiences, that is not easy at all.