Clean Code == Pure Conscience


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A little more practical examples would have been very welcome, but it was a good introduction talk.

This talk was a nice overview of how to write clean code.

I like how you summarised your 'path' of learning, wanting to share that information with the rest of the world, giving people all the keywords that they should 'google for'. :)

Although I think for somebody not familiar with all the topics, this might be an overwhelming flow of 'jargon', and that you're showing people solutions without them really able to match those to certain problems.

So I really like the subjects, I just think you're doing too much at a time. Maybe think about breaking it up into several talks where you show examples of problems, and how those solutions can solve that problem.
People can relate to those problems more, and you guide them through the subjects by example (a bit like you did with the value objects, but more in-depth. Storify going from this problem to this solution).

Also, don't assume people know something ;-) I've noticed that a few times during your talk, even if most people in the audience are familiar with it, please summarise it in a sentence or two.
People won't raise their hands to show they don't know something, especially if nobody else does ;-)

I hope this feedback helps! I enjoyed the talk!