A history on security and how to win the battle


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Thanks Joshua for the talk. I think you message came across loud and clear. I liked the examples of 80x86 memory management as it brought back old memories ;-) but you might consider to strip them down a bit as a detailed explanation is not really necessary to make your point. The security ring example alone would have been sufficient, imho.

Anonymous at 10:17 on 17 Aug 2012

Hi Joshua,

I agree with Erwin. After a while it lost my attention. It was nice to take this as an example for showing how flow controls work and how we let other take care, but the time you spent on slides 17 and 18 can be trimmed down.

Thanks for the talk, i liked the subject and discussion around it.

Agree with what has been said before, though I think you really did a good job of connecting the dots once you explained the background and came to your conclusion.

Overall a very nice talk.