Your code sucks, let's fix it!


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I think you probably figured this out from the talk, but anyway here it goes...
You have 2 things to make better in this talk:

1 - All examples should be PHP. Personally it doesn't make a difference to me, because I understand you want to teach the concept and the details are not the main issue. However, some ppl will only fully understand it if its a PHP example, and some ppl are just annoying and will complain its not PHP. To be a 5* talk you should make all examples PHP, thus avoiding both problems.

2 - The repaint(false) example. Fix it by making i.e. repaint('flower'). This way everyone will say "the method will repaint a flower in the screen" and you will say "it seems so, but looking further at the code, it will repaint the whole screen and animate a flower". From here you will immediately uncover and explain the 2 underlying problems (readability and breaking the single responsibility principle), and from there how to fix it.

Another overall thing you should improve is the talk mood lines. In your case, the jokes. Your jokes have a good purpose, are nice, and work. However I've watched 3 or 4 of your talks and they are always the same, which makes you sound fake. Get some more funny lines, funny stories, everyone likes a short funny story and Im sure you've had a lot of them as a developer. And anyway your Brazilian so you shouldn't have a problem finding fun stuff to say! ;)


I'm sorry about how you felt with the image. The lady in question is the "singer" Rebecca Black who became famous after "buying"her way into fame with a video clip produced specifically to make her look like something she is not, this is the parallel i make in the talk. I'll take note and make adjustments. In no way did I want to make any parallel to women in computing, I'm a active member of the community in helping out PHPWomen and currently mentor two women in coding and speaking.

Anonymous at 14:14 on 4 Jan 2013

As always great talk. Well delivered, well put together.

Great talk. I really enjoyed the topic and the way there was interaction with the audience. There was room to go a little outside of the topic scope but not too far. This created a nice atmosphere and really included the listener in the talk. I also really liked the code examples that showed the what's and why's.