Elasticsearch, the story so far


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T de Groot at 09:28 on 19 Feb 2016

Best First time speakers ever.

Tim Cure at 11:03 on 19 Feb 2016

Great talk, especially for first time speakers. Nice mix of information about the various aspects of Elasticsearch (usage, config, hardware) presented with good looking slides.

If I have to nitpick I'd say the fact there were two speakers didn't do much for the talk itself. It might be better to choose a single speaker next time, either would do fine.

Loved the talk and the more in-depth approach. For first time speakers, lots of respect. I didn't quite get the reference to the movie/book part though. I like the fact though that they tried to integrate that in keeping it fresh and interesting it just needs some tuning. Also loved the simplicity and originality of the slides.