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Luis Cobucci at 20:45 on 21 Jan 2016

Really awesome, thanks!

Viktor at 20:46 on 21 Jan 2016

Really liked the talk. Great combination of serious points and jokes.

Iosif Vigh at 11:37 on 22 Jan 2016

Awesome jokes, awesome subject. Great beat for the presentation which keeps you plugged in (probably a bit fast on the slides with small fonts) impossible not to like the presentation even if you don't care about the subject!

Rob Stocker at 14:24 on 22 Jan 2016

Second talk I've seen by Thomas, informative, well researched, funny and confident.

Henry Snoek at 11:17 on 24 Jan 2016

Interesting subject that deserves more attention.

Good combination of practical information, code examples, references, tips and example stories.
I especially liked the code examples and specific tips for PHP.

Thank you Thomas!