Money often costs too much


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Rafael Dohms at 13:27 on 19 Aug 2016

The topic was well covered, but the presentation can benefit from a few improvements.

More rehearsing and speaking experience should help you feel more comfortable speaking in english, there was some hesitation there. I think the slides could be better used to support the content and the speaker, more slides, more code and making them show what you are talking about, help the audience with more context.

Reviewing the slides is also important, as you yourself caught a few issues. One of the biggest pluses of this talk is talking about Value Objects, I think you can beef that section a bit more so it does not seem just a intro to Money but why you want to refactor to VOs all the time, the last bit about this was great and really added a lot of value.

Bit more refining, more visuals and practice and this is a great useful talk.

Sigh... Rafael summed up my views to a T...

To iterate, great content but with more experience in non-native english, speaking and refinements of the slides, this talk could really shine!

Hope to see more as your enthusiasm really shone during the talk which lead me to believe there could be more brewing :)

Thomas Shone at 10:06 on 22 Aug 2016

Well done on your talk! You show solid knowledge of the topic and this conveyed it self in the talk. Add more examples and uses to the Value objects section and get some more practice doing the talk so it feels more natural (I find doing the talk to my cat or wife works well) and any conference would be lucky to have you present this talk.