Test Driven Development. A given for many software engineers, but a lot of php developers are still only prodding at it with a stick from a safe distance.

This talk won't be an introduction to TDD. I'm gonna try to take away this fear by giving opinionated answers to the Difficult Questions. I hope it will lead to some good discussions at the end.

1. What is the purpose of TDD?
2. What are the pitfalls of TDD?
3. How do I TDD with the database?
4. How do I TDD with webservices?
5. How do I TDD with the front end?
6. How do I stick to TDD when the deadline is approaching?
7. How can I start with TDD in a legacy code base?
8. How to convince my boss TDD is good?
9. How much code coverage should we aim for?
10. How long may a test suite run?


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Anonymous at 09:08 on 16 Dec 2016

I really liked your talk. Two thinks I would like to ask you (and other speakers as well) to never remove from a talk :)

1. when you asked the crowd if they knew some concept or word, despite the answer, you explained it anyway. Great ! Also your explanation then was short and very clear. :thumbsup:

2. during your talk you showed your folder-structure and explained some of the files. It was the first time I saw someone do it during a talk (have to admit I do not attend tons of talks). Maybe this seems a little bit simple for some people, but for me it somehow just makes the difference between really-understanding and kind-of-understanding what is told. In this talk I also would have understood everything without it, but still it made me happy to see you do it and I would encourage other people to do it as well in their talks.

great talk: nice subject, pleasurable style of talking... keep it going!

The talk covered the subject from beginning to end and questions where answered clear and straightforward. The only remark I have is that at some moments the speed was quite high, but that was probably due to the 1 hour time-box.

Daniel Lima at 17:52 on 16 Dec 2016


It answered all the questions beginners have when start doing TDD.

But I think every speaker forgets to mention two things I think are good for beginners also:

1: TDD is not only about unit test. TDD is a big cycle where it make the developer think before code. We can think as TDD as specification first, then code.

2: TDD drives us to create a better code design, but if a beginner does not know anything about good design (read SOLID and CLEAN code), probably the this guy will give up of TDD.