If you're fighting with Git on a regular basis, you might not be using it optimally. This talk will lay out how to make your life easier from commit to deploy, only by changing your Git habits a little through atomic commits and other best practices.


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Brave topic, very provocative and maybe sometimes too obvious, but I think that was a fair job.

Maybe consider to have some graphics with the history items next time :)

Awesome talk. Very clear, concise, straight to the point and joyful. The only thing I missed was an actual example of the comparison between two points of your history. For almost all the other things you added some examples, except for this one, which was exactly the only feature I had no idea I could do using git. But aside that, I congratulate for the awesome talk. Keep doing! And I'll bring it until the end of my life: "Do whatever you want, man. We live in a free country". This was amazing!! hehehe

Well done Pauline, you would never guess that this was your first talk. You showed confidence in both your topic as well as yourself. And the risk of choosing this specific topic paid off, there is always room for getting back to the basics.

One area where I noticed that you could try to improve, you lost the attention of the audience for 30 seconds or so now and again when switching to/from the demo or after making a good joke. I'm by no means an expert, so take this with a pinch of salt, try to keep the gaps short enough so that the attention can not stray from you.

One thing which especially impressed me was your humility, this was clear at many points during your talk. You are proud of what you have learned and are happy to share, and you make clear what you don't know and are eager to learn.

I am pretty sure I speak for many for this next statement: I look forward to seeing you present again in the near future! :)

Rafael Dohms at 11:18 on 19 Feb 2018

This was a job well done, especially for a first time talk. You were calm on stage, dealt with set-backs like the projector and switching to demo's with ease and delivered the content with authentic style that is all your own. It was a pleasure seeing you out there and handling it great.

The content is great, sees like a small thing but has a big impact and i think you sold it very well. To make this a 5 star delivery I would work a little bit more on the slides so they can back you up when explaining concepts that are a bit hard to follow on words alone, like merging and rebasing. If you add some more visual examples that support your narrative and also show a bit more of what you mention is "a cleaner history" it would drive the point home with brutal precision.

Looking forward to seeing more talks from you and seeing this talk evolve.