The majority of applications run fine on a single server, and vertical scaling goes a long way. Horizontal scaling is often advertised as the "better way", but why? What problems does it solve? Which challenges does it bring? What risks does it try to mitigate? Let's see how we can set sail in the sea of trade-offs and get a feel for what lies ahead.


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Good build up, especially for beginners in this area I think it made sense. I think you introduced the right tools. One I would add is a service discovery tool (Consul for instance but whatever): how else are you going to find all those horizontally scaled services ;)

To me, the beginning was a bit slow though. The example with Stackoverflow took quite some time and I couldn't find what it had to do with horizontal scaling but I could've overlooked something. I liked the clean slides, just one purpose each time, no(t much) text, just right :) Also good that monitoring was addressed, this is the start of scaling out. Last thing: you first talk about Varnish as a good reverse proxy and then show a reverse proxy example in Nginx, maybe switch that to Varnish?

Thanks for the talk!