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Great talk about very original subject. Would love to hear a bit more about how to 'fix' your bias, or how to handle having to make decisions if you know you are biased.

Keith Mifsud at 10:57 on 22 Jul 2016

Interesting subject.

Loes Alleman at 16:16 on 22 Jul 2016

Thanks for the talk Renato. I found the topic interesting and relevant, we need to hear this kind of things every now and then for waking up!
I found the first part of the talk harder to understand because I did not grasp the relevance to the topic yet, but the gorrilla-movie was a turning point when it all came together. Maybe you can point out what "cognitive biases" mean in the intro and quickly tell us why it directly influences creativity. But at the same time I did like the effect of confusion at first and the big "Aha!"-moment later.

Jerry Verhoef at 13:07 on 23 Jul 2016

I really like the talk.

I second the comment of Frank, it would be nice to have some insight on how to prevent some of the biases. For example to prevent anchoring you could use planning poker (easy example).

The interaction with the everyone was very nice and you could exploit it a bit more.

Last point: The monkey story is actually a funny one, but it sadly not true. The ladder experiment has never been performed, although it has been cited many times.