Thinking back to what got me excited about technology in general, and the path that took me where I am today,
I noticed similar patterns in what music has brought into my life by learning how to play an instrument.
In this talk I am going to draw parallels between the process of learning for me in both worlds.


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Loes Alleman at 13:13 on 17 Nov 2017

The talk was very enjoyable - the speakers enthusiasm worked inspiring and his personal approach caused recognition in my own path towards where I am as a developer today, and hopefully shines some light on the path still to go. Dennis his positive approach on how to involve either yourself or others in learning was one that resonates.

The first part contained a lot of information about Dennis his own history and motivators, so it was not very clear where the talk was leading to, however the purpose unfolded itself in a natural way and the conclusion was able to connect those personal anecdotes in a refreshing way.

Bas de Ruiter at 05:34 on 18 Nov 2017

Unfortunately I didn't get to ask Dennis the question why he made this presentation.I'm curious what the point is he was trying to make.

There was something of a point that the community should be more open to newbies, which I liked a lot. For the rest it wasn't very clear why he was talking about stuff. Especially the first 20 minutes or so that were just about Dennis' chilldhood.

Though, I have some reservations about the talk itself, I still really like listening to Dennis and in that regard he presented this as good as I'm used to by now. :)