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Thursday 18th October 2018

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Comparing the Node.js and PHP ecosystems from a Digital Agency point-of-view
Talk by Bryan te Beek (30 minutes)

Over the last 5 years Lifely has changed it's tech stack a lot. Starting out with Symfony a couple of years ago, we moved to Node.js, then to Meteor (Javascript) and back to Node.js again (Typescript) while in the meantime also using Laravel for different PHP applications. In this talk we'll take a look at the differences between the PHP and Node.js ecosystems from a couple of different perspectives ranging from the languages themselves to their respective underlying infrastructure and what this all means for our devops- and development teams.

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Modern and flexible webshop development with Hideyo.io, an open source laravel ecommerce solution
Talk by Matthijs Neijenhuijs (30 minutes)

In this presentation, Matthijs explains how he made developing webshops fun, flexible and extensible again, by using Laravel to build the Hideyo e-commerce open-source e-commerce solution