Build That Phing


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Rick did a very good job of the talk, it was very well delivered, he worked the crowd very well. I really enjoyed the style.

The content went in a different direction then other phing talks i have seen and i find that positive.

Overal I enjoyed this talk, hadn't worked with Phing and probably won't, but now I feel like I would be able to use it.

Pro: Great examples of setting up tests in Phing. Good interaction with the crowd and good lingual skills. Con: Much repetition in the slides. XML is not my language of choice, so the slides didn't appeal to me.

Anonymous at 13:12 on 18 Apr 2014

Anonymous at 14:24 on 18 Apr 2014

It was an interesting talk. He spoke clearly and was able to deliver the message.

The slides were clear, especially with the explanation given by him.

As I was already aware of build tools like Ant and Phing it was probably easier for me to understand, though.

Good run down on the basics of phing. I hoped for more advanced content, but the talk was well delivered.

A very well delivered talk.
Maybe if you explain the problem Phing solves a bit more at the beginning it would be even better.