Standardising your world with GrumPHP


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Iosif Vigh at 20:21 on 21 Apr 2016

Nice one! Good luck on the following ones :)

Luis Cobucci at 23:01 on 21 Apr 2016

Thanks for the talk Mike! It was a good way to start your path as a speaker.

My only comment is that you can work a bit more on the transition between the reasons why you need to care for quality and the tool itself. This would help people to see more benefits of GrumPHP when compared to other tools.

Pim van Gurp at 08:15 on 22 Apr 2016

Mike, thanks for the awesome talk about GrumPHP. You couldn't see it was your first talk. What you could see was that you came prepared and that showed off!

Keep the demo in your next talk, it showed the usage of GrumPHP well.

"All Good"

Really enjoyed the talk, the buildup was good, entertaining delivery. In further iterations of this talk I'd suggest exploring how you can "softly" introduce teams, the manditory git hook is kind of aggressive (maybe there are ways to work around that, I don't know). Also, you mention a big part of GrumPHP is how it fits into CI, show the people what that looks like.

In terms of delivery, you're of to a flying start, keep it up!

Loes Alleman at 11:04 on 22 Apr 2016

Very good Mike. Impressive for a first talk. Very humorous, easy to follow and interesting. And we are definitely inspired to give GrumPHP a try with our team! Also, the demos went very well.
Good luck with the next talks!