Le Progressive Web Applications permettono di realizzare applicazioni molto veloci, che funzionano offline e su ogni tipo di device. In questa sessione vedremo come sfruttare le conoscenze di Angular 5 e, aggiungendo alcuni accorgimenti e codice, trasformare una web app in una PWA con le features che la contraddistinguono: minor consumo di batteria, minor consumo di dati, offline, pin dell'icona nelle app e tanto altro. Nel dettaglio vedremo cosa mette a disposizione Angular 5 e Visual Studio Code per rendere le cose più facili e veloci.


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Antonio Rossi at 17:44 on 15 Jun 2018

I am sorry to give a so low rating but there ware too much incorrect information and the delivery was too much informal (and I'm living the UK since 6 years so I don't have problems with informal presentations but when it is too much and maybe the speaker is not 100% confident with the topic, the final outcome is not great). One example: Progressive means that the app is growing in features accordingly on where is running. For example, you can use WebP images but have also a fallback and if the browser/system support the format, will use the new extension, otherwise falls back to normal images. Or maybe you can have the Notification API and is going to be used only on the browser that supports it. Plus there were a lot of other incorrect information. I hope this feedback will help in the future because PWA is an amazing technology and people will love the talk!

Interessante, sicuramente da approfondire!!

Tanti esempi pratici e un po’ di leggerezza apprezzabile a fine giornata

Interesting technology

It wasn't about the factual informations (there's always granze for that :), but I've never laughed so hard during a talk!
It was more like an inspirational ending keynote. It's been a blast!

Luca Maroni at 13:29 on 16 Jun 2018

One of the most funny talk ever. Not a lot of informations, that's right, and some errors here and there.. but I enjoyed the talk from the first to the last word! It's not easy to grab the attenction like that during the last talk, and he did very well! Next time maybe explore the topic a little more, like dealing with push notifications and so on ?

Nonostante qualche imprecisione il talk ha catturato l'attenzione della platea a fine giornata, complimenti.

I confirm Antonio's consideration.
The talk was the funniest of the day! At the end of an intense journey, it was very appreciated.

Marzio Negri at 19:14 on 21 Jun 2018

Argomento da da approfondire..!

Emanuele Bartolesi Numero !